Windows Developer Award finalist Mateo Jurisic has joined User Camp.

As app developers, we’re committed to listening to our users. This isn’t from a place of altruism — we do it because we’re allergic to speculative development, and our users always know best when it comes to what we should build next.

Our app Penbook had a great launch, but it really took off when it was nominated for Microsoft’s App Creator of the Year award. Thanks to the resulting press, more users than ever were getting the app and sending us their ideas.

It didn’t take long for a single piece of user feedback to reach 50 votes. That’s when we realized being the best listeners in the world wouldn’t help us to ship more features. It was clearly time to expand our development team.

Luckily for us, Microsoft invited all of its award nominees to Build. That’s where we met Mateo Jurisic, the developer of Mixplay for Mixer. He was up for an award, too: Mixplay was nominated for the Design Innovator of the Year award.

Apart from giving our lead developer Slaven a chance to chat in his native language (in Seattle of all places), we were impressed with the craftsmanship Mateo brought to his software, and his keen sense of what makes a great Windows 10 app.

Now, eight months on, we’re happy to announce that Mateo has joined User Camp to work on Penbook. (Don’t worry — Mateo continues to own and develop Mixplay.)

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